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Psychologist Job (Help Wanted) in St. Louis, Missouri

Psychologist Job (Help Wanted) in St. Louis, Missouri
Psychologist jobs in St. Louis, MO: Counseling and Assessment and/or Psychological Testing

Part-time psychologist job can become full-time if desired. 

Excellent jobs with exceptional pay are now available for doctoral level psychologists in St. Louis, Missouri. Senior Care Psychological Consulting is looking for  psychologists in the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area and surrounding counties to provide part-time/full-time counseling, assessment and/or psychological testing services to geriatric patients and individuals with long-term chronic medical/mental health issues. Experienced individuals are preferred but will train individuals with the right aptitude and personality. Psychological services are provided in the areas of counseling and assessment as well as testing for individuals with the appropriate background. 

Excellent compensation will be provided, twice monthly, without having to wait for billing cycles or the risk of nonpayment.  Average hourly rates are usually between $70.00 – $114.00. This is an excellent opportunity for an individual who is interested in learning or continuing their experience in geriatric psychology.  You may contact Paul Susic Ph.D Licensed Psychologist at (636) 300-9922 or may e-mail me at  for more information, or to express your interest. Senior Care Psychological is an equal opportunity employer.

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